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How it works a RPO?

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The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic and the serious consequences of the confinement and regulatory measures that were implemented in different countries to reduce contagion and prevent the spread of the disease, generated serious consequences in the world economy and an increase in the unemployment rate. In order to reduce this figure, the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service was created with the purpose of speeding up the hiring processes that advances with the gradual reactivation in the regions of the world.

The advances in information technology and the speed that the information is generated and shared among the people and work culture has pushed organizations to look for strategic partners that can keep up with the latest techniques, tools and processes to handle the recruitment process while maintaining their focus on providing the best results for their customers. Due to globalization, advances in the Internet and technology along with other constant changes in the world of work, recruitment processes have changed, and HR departments of companies have often not been able to adapt completely.

The alternative of outsourcing the activities of the Human Resources area has provided outstanding solutions for companies that need specialized personnel to cover labor needs. Among them: building solutions to attract the best talent, reducing operating costs, streamlining coverage and turnover metrics, as well as having a structure dedicated to the effectiveness and results of the process.

What is the meaning of RPO?


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a business model in which a company transfers all or part of the personnel selection processes to a company that is an expert in human resources and dedicated to recruiting talent.

Due to globalization, many companies prefer to leave the selection of personnel and methodology to an RPO provider to deliver recruitment solutions through a team of recruiters who act as an extension of the client’s talent acquisition team, exercising competencies aligned with the global economy.

It is important to know that human talent selection agencies have the capacity to find and provide the personnel available to the hiring company, taking into account that the entire recruitment strategy and methodology falls on the external company.

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RPO and Staff augmentation


Nowadays, a large number of the world’s companies decide to transfer all or part of their recruitment process to an external provider, in order to optimize processes and focus on their most profitable activity. This will be the one in charge of different tasks such as recruitment, salary advice, management and progress reporting, among other tasks that group the most modern strategies to manage the relationships of people in a company in an optimal way.

Suppose we want to understand the differences that exist between RPO providers and traditional staffing agencies. In that case, we must remember that the goal of an RPO is to provide comprehensive recruiting and contracting solutions and understand that the scope of traditional recruitment firms will be to source and place the candidate in the required position. While both objectives are similar, their objectives differ depending on depending on the needs of each organization:

  • Firstly, a traditional selection method will always maintain a more specific approach and will have short-term objectives focused on meeting a specific need. While in the case of an RPO there is a medium and long term vision and a more global strategic line.
  • The agility and speed of the process are a differential between this kind of hiring, because in traditional recruitment there is always a period of adaptation by the supplier to the company while in the hiring of an RPO, although it is also part of an initial adaptation period, this will not be necessary again and the consultant will provide greater efficiency and speed when addressing any kind of process for the client.
  • Exclusivity: An RPO company will be exclusively in charge and will offer a personalized service to the management of all your processes while, in a traditional process, this does not usually happen.
  • The collaboration between an RPO and a company (client) is not only focused on finding a candidate and filling a profile, but also on creating a partnership with a strategic approach in the medium and long term.

There are many benefits of hiring the services of an RPO consultant, so do not hesitate to contact us and enjoy a more efficient process management, achieving time savings and a great satisfaction of both clients and candidates.

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