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Application Modernization Services

We use modern technologies and tools to re-engineer your outdated applications, ensuring a smooth transition to digital cloud environments.

Our team address this challenge by offering application modernization services, improving workloads, re-architecting legacy code, and migrating your applications to the cloud.

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Why Modernize Your Software Applications?

Software applications can become outdated very quickly. While they may still function, your legacy platforms will very likely fail to capitalize on the newest technologies, efficiencies, or security measures available today. That is why Heinsohn helps you transform your existing software into a tool for future growth:

Do you need immediate fixes for malfunctioning code?

Are you contemplating a complete application overhaul or a subsystem upgrade?

Want to add or modify specific features to your existing software?

Do you need expert support because your internal team is overstretched or unavailable?

If you nodded to any of these, Heinsohn is the answer you were looking for.

Imagine this scenario:

You might have applications in the Cloud that were simply transferred using the “Lift and Shift” method, also known as “re-hosting.” This means taking a whole application, with its database and operating system, and moving it from one IT system to another, often from an on-premises setup to a public or private cloud.

In doing so, you probably missed many of the benefits of cloud technologies, like PaaS services, enhanced scalability, DevSecOps, Continuous Testing, and more.

That is why we offer you a suite of modernization and migration services.

The Benefits of Upgraded Code and Seamless Processes

Lower maintenance costs – due to the reduced IT support team workload and wide cloud optimization opportunities. Even better, your total cost of ownership (TCO) can be further optimized by up to 50%.
Secure and compliant applications – achieved through expert security testing and built-in regulatory compliance.
Enhance your user experience – upgraded UX/UI design, improved app performance, and new highly requested features.
Scale without boundaries – thanks to your newly optimized software design and infinite cloud resources (for cloud migration).
Prepare for the future – by having clear software documentation, flexible architecture (e.g., SOA/microservices-based), and reusable code.

Leave Your Legacy with Heinsohn’s Application Modernization

Heinsohn offers tailored cloud solutions depending on your application and business requirements. This includes re-hosting, application re-platforming, cloud-native setup, and complete modernization.

We can work under the most recognized cloud providers in the industry (Azure, AWS, Google) and under different languages and frameworks such as .NET, Java, PHP, Python, Angular, and React. What is even better: our team also analyzes legacy applications developed even in Cobol on mainframes.

Cloud Native Application Modernization

We use the “Lift and Shift” method to move your applications directly from on-site servers or data centers to the cloud. We take advantage of the cloud’s scalability, flexibility, and potential cost savings without significant changes to your application’s setup or design.

This process is a fantastic first step if your business is not in the cloud yet. Moving to the cloud is quick and much easier to maintain than physical infrastructure.

Complete Cloud

But Heinsohn does more than just transfer applications to the cloud.

We reshape them to make the most of the cloud’s expandable features and managed services. We help cut down operating expenses by using cloud resources efficiently.

This can include restructuring applications into microservices, adopting serverless architecture principles, using managed databases in the cloud, and integrating CI/CD systems (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) to automate the development and operations workflow.

Complete cloud modernization could be a better solution if your business is looking to seize specific cloud features such as auto scaling or native cloud services, including:

  • Serverless Computing & Virtual Machines
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Cloud Storage & Databases
  • Containerization & Orchestration
  • Cloud DevOps Services

Although there are some caveats, such as a higher initial investment due to redesign, a steep learning curve, and risks during the transition, our expert team will provide all the guidance you need to successfully modernize your entire cloud ecosystem.

Software Modernization

Leverage our extensive knowledge in legacy app modernization. We will rejuvenate and make minor adjustments to the code and design of your long-standing enterprise applications. Enjoy the benefits of:

Mobile and web integration.
Enhanced aesthetics.
Boosted performance.
Streamlined and cost-effective maintenance.
Integration of DevOps and CI/CD practices.

Application Re-architecting

We evolved your application’s foundation to enhance scalability, flexibility, integration capability, and security. Make your applications more resilient and easier to evolve with our modern architectures, such as SOA and microservices.

Data Modernization

Rethink data management with Heinsohn. We upgrade your data systems for swift, scalable, and secure analytics. Our strategies include self-service BI and a myriad of data visualization techniques for insightful reports.

Application Containerization

We can encapsulate your applications or their components, ensuring they are isolated yet operational. This process ensures:

  • Minimal resources for operations.
  • Seamless scalability.
  • Effortless transfer between environments.
  • Integration of CI/CD practices.

You May Wonder, Are There Key Factors Affecting Modernization Costs?

The answer is yes. Luckily, our team offers application modernization consulting to help you better understand how an upgrade will positively impact your costs.

Here are a few things we consider:

Application complexity and interdependencies.
Data volume for migration.
Testing efforts.
App life expectancy and readiness for cloud migration.
The range of required modernization tools and associated software licenses.


Our application modernization services involve updating and transforming legacy software applications to improve their performance, usability, and integration capabilities. These services can encompass anything from modernizing legacy applications to transitioning them to cloud-based solutions.

Our primary aim is to ensure your software aligns better with modern business requirements and takes advantage of the latest technological advancements.

An example of application modernization would be transitioning your company’s legacy on-premises applications to a cloud environment using cloud-native application modernization techniques.

This could mean moving from an older, standalone software system to a more scalable, cloud-based solution or integrating legacy modernization software with newer platforms to improve functionality and efficiency.

Our application modernization process usually begins with application modernization consulting, where Heinsohn’s engineering team assesses the existing software landscape of your organization.

This is followed by identifying areas that require updates or changes. Based on this assessment, we formulate a custom strategy that could include transitioning to cloud solutions with cloud modernization services, reengineering legacy applications using legacy modernization services, or embracing IT modernization services for holistic digital transformation.

Throughout the process, app modernization focuses on enhancing the software’s capabilities, ensuring it remains relevant, efficient, and in line with your business objectives.

The way you do software today will dictate how you do everything tomorrow.

And the last thing you probably want to encounter in the future are bugs, defects, and unhappy customers.

Let our team become your strategic partner so we can modernize your apps today, paving the way for your long-term success.
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