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Technical skills most in-demand in an IT profile

Organizations are increasingly aware of hiring people whose professional profile is in line with market demands. Although we are in the era of history with the most significant reach to information, the reality is that not everyone has the necessary technical skills to get a job according to their training. 

“The professions of the future” is an expression that has been present in recent years. To access these opportunities, professionals must train and obtain skills that advance with the development of the world and technology. 

If we review how technology has advanced in the last decade, we realize that cars no longer need a driver; in hospitals, machines perform surgeries. This same pattern is repeated in all sectors; the world is being transformed by technology. In this sense, professionals who have managed to master the technical skills to solve day-to-day problems are driving the IT environment and, therefore, are the people most sought after by companies to improve the processes of their companies and make their future profits.

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Top 5 IT skills most sought after by companies


  1. Project Management

    Professionals trained with leadership skills, business vision, services, and proper project management are the most demanded. The importance of this training is reflected in the fact that it is increasingly necessary to have collaborators capable of dealing with contingencies since, as Ken Grady, CIO of IDEXX Laboratories, says, project management is not a skill of this century as it has changed a lot over the years, it is vital because people who have developed it can handle crises, coordinate between teams and manage projects.

  2. Big Data

    The business world is being qualified by the valuation of customers, social needs, and the influence exerted by large companies or brands; for this reason, now every company that wants to reach the highest level or the top in its field is looking for data experts who, analyzing all the parameters, manage to define the fundamental objectives for companies.

    Working in big data requires training in technical and interpersonal skills that you will develop every day in your organization. How an engineer, a statistician, or a person related to technology can be a data expert today is very simple, through certifications in Big Data of the thousands that you can find on the network and that will give you that plus compared to others.

  3. Mobile application development

    We find ourselves with the excessive evolution of cell phones in different aspects. When it comes to mobile software, which goes beyond what society can understand and reinvents itself year after year, it is here to stay. In this sense, the professional who knows how to design according to the differences of each device and has the flexibility to adapt to the changes sends the stop in technology, and much more precisely in Android, which is in its golden age of development.

  4. DevOps

    In the fourth place, we find DevOps professionals focus on the ability to manage, develop and automate the software structure. Specifically, the process is about reviewing each part of the process and testing operations from start to finish; this skill is one of the most demanded of this decade.

  5. Cloud Computing and Salesforce

    The cloud revolution has transformed the work environment, large companies now manage all their processes through it, and now anyone who has an email can store their information. If explicitly analyzed, the flow of information is in constant movement. Companies have vital importance in keeping a large amount of data most comfortably and productively possible, so an effective result. Companies that provide this service increasingly want more expert professionals who can manage and provide a positive direction to their organizations.

    While a profile should be complete and attractive to potential applicants, it also serves to help people understand their purpose. In this time of crisis, for example, within the oil and gas sector, they are looking for profiles that will benefit them and give them a positive approach as they are no longer popular with consumers; therefore, a good shape can provide key points about the organizational culture of the company, developing the description of what makes the organization unique.

    With these different skills in mind, you should consider whether you are willing to step forward and venture into developing your professional profile. Discover how our IT staff augmentation service can benefit your business.

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