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Hire A Software Development Team. Fully Dedicated to You.

We assign a team of engineers, testers, and project managers to execute any task from beginning to end. You can get any software project done on time.

No Need to Keep Looking for Software Developers for Hire.

You Just Found Us!

Have you ever watched an orchestra in action? That is what a dedicated software team does.

Over time, a focused software unit becomes a self-learning symphony, becoming more agile and refining their productivity to build great code for you and with you.

Here is the logic: The longer a software team maintains a single-minded focus, the better they become at their job.

Companies that
trust us

How Can You Determine if
Our Developer Teams Align with Your Needs?

Ask yourself the following:

If any of the questions above are a YES, great! Let us explain more about the process.

Onboarding Your Dream Software Development Team

Talent Sourcing

Our team has been expanding our search for IT talent across Latin America, with a particular emphasis on Colombia, to provide opportunities for local professionals and our local communities.

Simultaneously, we have been successful in attracting skilled individuals from other Latin American nations to join our team. In certain cases, we also consider hiring from Canada and the United States.

Kick-Off Process

Ready to kickoff and code your projects?

Here is Why You Should Hire Our Software Development Company


You will always feel supported and productive when working with our teams.

We constantly provide the necessary guidance and support throughout every sprint, tracking performance and making sure we work as efficiently as possible.

Cost Savings

First, you get better rates. Secondly, you reduce onboarding, training, hiring, and upskilling costs. We take care of everything HR-related.


Choose your tech stack, select your team, and decide their level of commitment (30%, 50%, or full-time).

Quick Onboarding

Swap or add resources anytime you want. We can get it done within 15 business days.

In Colombia, it spans 2 to 3 weeks because of requirements such as security screenings, medical assessments, and an in-depth review.

For contractors from other countries in Latin America, it is shorter, at 1 to 2 weeks, only requiring a contract signature and your technical interview.

Get Every Talented Person You Need

You can also choose from a wide variety of roles, tailored to your needs.
We allow you to select from the best of our talent.
Looking for the perfect nearshore team?

Let’s build one for you

I am Convinced. But Why Should I Choose Heinsohn?

We are a team of technology professionals with a touch of Latin American warmth, fully dedicated to you.

We value you and your business first. That is why we promise you:

Same Time Zone

Forget about crazy long hours or night shifts. Our talent works in Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern time zones, covering all needs from East to West throughout North America. This means our team wakes up when you do, and we close our laptops when you finish as well.


We can help you with post-launch product enhancement and development. Our team can provide part-time resources after project completion to ensure things continue running smoothly.

Transparent Pricing

Our team provides detailed timesheets to track your costs and review capacity planning on a regular basis.

Tech Infrastructure

We handle development, testing, and production environments. No added charges. No fuss.

Common Questions About Dedicated Development Team Services

Hiring our dedicated software development teams is straightforward. Begin by reaching out to us and detailing your project requirements and preferences.

Our experts will then work with you to understand your goals, after which we will assemble a team that perfectly aligns with your needs. We will ensure that you are involved in every step, from casting to onboarding.

When you partner with us, you tap into this reservoir of talent.

Our process is centered on understanding your project’s nuances and matching you with a team whose skills and experience are tailor-made for your goals. With us, you do not just find developers—you find the right developers.

You get a group of professionals who are solely committed to your project, ensuring focus and continuity. Over time, as the team aligns with your goals, they become more agile and adaptive, leading to increased productivity.

Additionally, it removes the cost of recruitment, training, and infrastructure that come with expanding in-house teams. With a dedicated team, you can be assured of expertise, commitment, and a streamlined software development process.

Supercharge your initiatives with a dedicated software development team.

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