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How does a dedicated team work?

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The human talent of your company is the most important asset, that is why the world of technology moves to and from the needs of your organization,  with dedicated teams everything is easier.

80% of companies that are dedicated to nearshore seek to save costs in terms of salaries and social positions, also by outsourcing secondary services that are not part of the core of your business.

What are Dedicate Teams?


It is a software talent team specialized in adding the best resources to your software development staff.

How do they work?


Dedicate teams typically work from the application developer’s office and include services such as employee salaries, vendor fees, and administrative expenses.

– Client must determine what exactly they require for their project and what skills they should have.

– Provider hires the services of the different professionals and with the client they agree on the workload and project requirements.

-The experts meet and begin work during the established hours and with the selected profiles.

-Finally, the client can supervise the work and be in permanent contact with the intermediary and his collaborators


-One of the advantages is that dedicated teams will always have collaborators solely and exclusively for the client’s project, preventing employees from having distractions and, if they wish, the client can reconfigure the team.

– In this type of project, you pay only for the actual work done, be it hours, days, weeks or months.

– In this contracting model the approach is flexible and there may be changes in the requirements.

– Closer monitoring by the client.


– It is difficult to estimate the completion time of the project if there isn’t an appropriate software architect.

– Closer follow-up means that the client stops focusing on other jobs.

– The lack of follow-up by the client can cause great losses of time and costs.

Types of Models


Fixed price: 

This type of model is low risk for the client, from the beginning requirements, materials, times, billing and start-up of the project are adjusted, any unforeseen event must be covered by the suppliers, so professionalism in this type of service must reign.

Time and Material:

This model can last over time because the customer does not have a definite idea, frequently changes the conditions of execution of the work, or simply wants to closely follow each movement of the supplier. At the beginning you can adjust rates on materials and working time. Here the initiative belongs to the customer.

When to adopt the Dedicated Teams model

  • Dedicated teams are ideal for long projects that require the experience of several professionals and that such work requires several phases for its development.
  • It is pertinent when your employees do not have the time or the experience to dedicate themselves full time to the project that the organization demands.
  • When the client or organization does not have a large budget.

Who is part of a dedicated team


Basically two parties are needed: the customer and the company offering the dedicate teams service.


It is the reason for being in a dedicated team, you must clearly express your needs, objectives, product details and approach, in order to have a clear idea of how to form your work team that will help you.


The provider will be the bridge between the client’s idea and the materialization of the project, once he knows what the company wants, he will have the power to choose the best work team, UX / UI designers, Business analysts and project manager among other professionals.

It is important to emphasize that the pace of work is previously studied with the service intermediary, so that in this way the company that requires the development of the software has total control over the duties, tasks and delivery times of its service.

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Two Signs You Shouldn’t Use the dedicate teams model


Short and medium term projects

The fixed price model is ideal, since fewer experts will be needed to work, and often there is less control by the client, Dedicated Teams is best when a much larger diversity of professionals is required.

Some roles within dedicated team

Many times there are professionals who can take care of the development of a video for example, without the need to have someone expert exercising that function, that is a sign that you do not need a dedicated team.

Differences from the extended computer model


The extended team model is more of an extension of the core team, the dedicated team is a group of independent people with their own management and frameworks.

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