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What is SOA?

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Service Oriented Architecture also known as SOA is a software architecture concept that defines the use of services (programs or routines that perform a specific function) to support business requirements.

Service-oriented architecture enables the creation of scalable, versatile, and flexible information systems that can help organizations drive performance while reducing IT costs and improving flexibility in business processes.

In addition, they provide a well-defined form of exposure and invocation of services, which facilitates the interaction between different proprietary or third-party systems.

SOA provides a methodology and framework for documenting business capabilities and supports the data integration and consolidation activities of any organization. SOA is a powerful ally when it comes to managing large volumes of data (data in the cloudand data hierarchies). 

Understanding the importance of software maintenance is crucial to improving the overall quality of your applications. Learn more in our article. 

Benefits of SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture)


Service-oriented architecture has multiple benefits for an organization since it allows the reuse of its components, that is, it can take advantage of service developments that are carried out at a given time to create other services and therefore, it allows to have more services in the shortest possible time.

The services created or developed must follow a series of requirements to be able to identify how to access them, the idea is to have a catalog of use that is understandable and reusable.

As an advantage of investment optimization through reuse, interoperability between heterogeneous applications and technologies is achieved. When applications and systems are included in the WSDL code, they are universally available to any application developer in the enterprise developing a current application.

Other benefits of Service Oriented Architecture are:

  • Increased efficiency in processes.
  • Amortization of the investment made in systems.
  • Maintenance cost reduction.
  • Facilitates adaptation to change, with integration with legacy systems.
  • Promotion of innovation oriented to the development of services, in line with the dynamism of the market. Obsolete systems are modernized for economic, functional or technical reasons.
  • Simplification of the design, optimizing the organizational capacity.

Success Story TIBCO & Heinsohn Corp 


TIBCO Software Inc is a Silicon Valley-based global technology company recognized for its technology, analytics and integration solutions around the world. The company faced the challenge of optimizing the platform used to distribute new versions of software in order to improve the customer experience. To solve this need, technologies were used such as:

  • SOA, BPM
  • EMS (Enterprise Message Service)
  • TIBCO BusinessWorks integration software
  • TIBCO Master Data Management software
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Akamai Web performance
  • TIBCO Spotfire software

At Heinsohn we play a key role in the implementation of an API solution using TIBCO’s ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks that automated many of the manual activities involved in this internal process.

The solution connected a vast majority of internal services, data sources and applications to provide a secure and reliable experience for internal and external users, as well as the foundation to improve the solution for changes required by industry and customers. They used TIBCO Spotfire reports and dashboards to view and analyze the data in near real time.

The solution was needed to fully optimize response times between our team building the web application using Microsoft Technologies and TIBCO systems, including a master data management service also powered by TIBCO.

This process was challenging as we needed to fine-tune multiple integrations to ensure it was aligned with best practices for integration services and to achieve the response times defined by their internal teams.

As a result of this implementation, TIBCO Software Inc was able to improve its internal release process by more than 20%, significantly reduce the risk of human error, and have stronger control over products and versions released and distributed to customers.

We have been working with them since 2011 and we still provide maintenance and enhancements to this and many other integration services.

This shows that service-oriented architecture can offer highly beneficial long-term solutions for all companies. If you want to know more about this or other success stories, contact us to help you with all your needs for creating custom software development.

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