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Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Humanity

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Artificial intelligence came to make life easier for humanity. But this is not something new, in ancient times already Aristotle  2,300 years ago tried to turn the mechanics of human thought into rules, and since the time of Leonardo Da Vinci the sages have tried to build machines that behave like humans. 

Since  1950 the first advances in this field were recorded,  looking for ways to create  through a novel mechanism  that  was capable of solving  problems. As early as 1960 the U.S. Department of Defense showed interest in this type of work and began working computers to mimic basic human reasoning. 

From that time the path of what would be a new form of technology began to take shape.  Many talk aboutit,  but let’s dig deeper into what it is.

What is artificial intelligence?


It is the ability of machines to think and act on their own, exercising activities that until a few years ago were only of human beings.  All this thanks to a software or robot.

What mechanism do they work with?


It is the combination of algorithms  proposed in order for machines to perform activities that were previously done by humans.

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Types of Artificial Intelligence


Systems that think like humans

They automate activities such as decision making, problem solving, and learning. An example is neural networks.

That act like humans

Systems that operate performing tasks similar  to humans.

That think rationally

They emulate the rational logical thinking of human beings. Expert systems are included at this stage.

Systems that act rationally

Intelligent agents rationally mimic human behavior.

What does artificial intelligence apply to?


Over the years they have been gaining space in many daily activities and many devices, an example of this is facial detection in cell phones and virtual voice assistants.

Also in big  data is present, and manages data to help in business management handling commercial data, also in the  health,  culture and transport sector.

Chatbots  also help us in suggesting restaurants, hotels, services  and shows based on our search history.

In recent years in Japan they have been implementing artificial intelligence in newscasts, making robots the ones whopresent, implementing a standard language and being able to read the  telepromter.

Artificial Intelligence and NearShore


According to a study by the Global McKinsey Institute,about  50%of the activities for which people receive a salary can be automated, this automation is being generated  by Artificial Intelligence.

According to Gustavo Parés, director of the artificial intelligence company  Nearshore  Delivery  Solutions, people fear that these technological advances will result in displacing the company’s collaborators, but according to  him, artificial intelligence is there to protect  employees from dangerous tasks.

Customer Service

The customer service industry is one of the ones that has taken the most advantage of these advances, since they allow to respond in a short time to the high demand of customers. Chatbots  answer users’ most frequently asked questions, saving collaborators time.


Artificial intelligence was taken to advertising in recent years, since,  thanks to the search intention of users, it shows you certain propaganda that could be of interest to you.

Mobility and Transport

For companies like Tesla, Uber, Waymo  artificial intelligence goes hand in hand with those cars that can drive themselves, although for now it is a project that is beginning.

Process optimization

Companies like Blue River Technology are promoters of technology in the field, making artificial intelligence technology help reduce waste waste and the amount of unnecessary inputs, saving farmers money and inconvenience.

Financial Sector

Many organizations have implemented technology to calculate credit risks, as well as financial product recommendations for customers and improve the experience.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Data science involves the mining of huge amounts of Big Data data, in order to facilitate patterns that will facilitate decision making, process control and opportunity detection. This field is being exploited by professionals with a master’s degree in Data  Science, to help turn raw data into information.

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