Grow your business with IT Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is the strategy used by companies to staff a particular project for a certain period. There are increasingly more augmentation services with qualified personnel that perform specific roles each year. Here will talk about how you can develop a staff augmentation strategy focused on the IT area to achieve business growth leveraged on digital flexibility. 


How does staff augmentation help your business?


Imagine that an opportunity arrives on your desk that requires immediate action to translate into business value. When making the decision, you realize that you are short-staffed or do not have enough qualified professionals to tackle the project. Finally, you decide to pass up the opportunity because you don’t have a plan that meets your business needs.


Is where the value of staff augmentation comes into play. Instead of passing up the opportunity, you contact a qualified firm with the specific professionals the project requires. You hire only those you need and on terms that work for your strategy and pocketbook. With this action, you seize the opportunity and grow your business hand in hand with your new staff augmentation strategy.

How to find trained staff?


Now that you know the value of a timely and well-implemented staff augmentation strategy, it is time to look for a qualified staffing provider. 


There are several team augmentation options, but we will focus on the one representing your most significant time/money benefit. We are talking about Nearshore, a qualified talent acquisition modality in which you hire professionals who speak your language in a country with the same time zone as you for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a professional in the US.


If you choose this option, we recommend that you look for proven augmentation services providers with demonstrable success stories and let you know in detail each of the members of the team you are going to hire.

Benefits of applying IT Staff Augmentation in your company


If your project is related to the IT area, you will notice that there are a significant number of benefits in terms of agility and productivity when using a staff augmentation strategy; these are some of them:


Access to a Huge Talent Pool

In today’s business environment, companies compete with counterparts around the world. So why should talent be limited to local employees? Using staff augmentation to hire talented global experts familiar with the most in-demand tools and technologies is a strategic move to meet the requirements of the worldwide marketplace.


Flexibility and Responsiveness

The main advantage of a larger workforce is that employees can be more flexible. Has a direct impact on the cost of outsourcing. Flexible workers are employed temporarily and work for a specific purpose or period. With staff augmentation, you can choose the best professionals based on the recruitment of ongoing projects. Companies do not have to make long-term commitments to professionals.

Successful Operation Performance

Increasing the number of qualified personnel via team augmentation gives your company an edge over the competition by improving operational performance. These specialized professionals have unique skills that bring efficiency to your operations.


Strengthening Internal Teams

Even if companies have enough internal resources to handle day-to-day tasks, they may consider IT staff augmentation for complex projects that require additional expertise. In these cases, expanding internal teams by hiring full-time employees may not be the right move.


Less Legal Red Tape

As a recruiter or even an IT employer, you should know how critical and cumbersome the legal documentation protocols are as part of the hiring system. You are responsible for submitting candidate profiles, official documents, and other legal documentation to the appropriate senior officials, a process that takes time and energy. But with staff augmentation, an external company will take care of the paperwork and recruitment and provide you with a stress-free outcome.


Staff Augmentation with Heinsohn

Find full support by hiring a team in your time zone with real-time response and extensive experience in all the technology areas your projects need. 

We are experts in staff augmentation and have provided staff augmentation services for dozens of clients worldwide. We have qualified professionals with different levels of expertise. If you are thinking of implementing an IT staff augmentation strategy, consider learning more about our nearshore software development solutions that can take your company to a new level of results-driven agility.

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